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The Mid-East Film Fund

Film funds in the mid east have been of great help to the Asian society, and the ministry of culture has created a policy that will support cinematography production in the region. In 2006, the minister of culture in Lebanon decided to form a committee that will support film production and other cinematic activities in the region. The support fund created would cover the following key areas. Script writing and development, production, marketing and various cinematic activities such as film festivals and cine clubs. The fund supports quite a number of projects in the region such as Feature documentary, short narrative, short documentary, experimental, animation and other cinema activities.

Before you think about major Hollywood budgets...

Hollywood budgetsThe global annual budget set aside for this fund is $80,000. Each project is also allocated an amount ranging from $5,000-$8,000. Lebanese producers are eligible to apply for the film fund while Lebanese applicants are allowed to apply for the cinematic activities fund. Other regional funds have also risen in order to support the Arab people who have interest in film production and other cinematic activities. Funds such as screen Institute Beirut which is a Lebanese non-profit organization whose main aim is to strengthen film making through investing in better infrastructure in the area. Beirut main focus is to support feature-length documentary in the Lebanese region. The fund offers production and documentary development aids to upcoming and proven talents in the Arab region.

There are exceptions to better funding

Featured-length projects such as documentary films receive a $15,000 fund. Arab filmmakers are all allowed to apply for the fund. The Arab Fund for Arts and culture (AFAC) is also an independent Arab organization established in 2007. AFAC provides funds to individuals and institutions in the fields of performing arts, cinema, visual arts, music, literature and research. AFAC also provides funds to support training and other regional events in the Arab region. In the cinema field, AFAC has currently three main programs that its focusing on. The fund has a general call for cinema and other two special programs. The Arab Documentary film program for Arab documentary projects and Crossroads for new Arab directors working on projects related to possibility and change. The organization provide a funding amount of $50,000 to any Arab film maker willing to create lengthy documentary films. Mid East film fund have been of great help to the young talented film makers and producers in the region. Such funds have enabled filmmakers to unlock their creativity and also improve their storytelling skills through various competitions and regional events held in the area.

What is the final result of the AFAC?

film makersSuch support from organizations such as Beirut and AFAC have also helped bring together regional and international talent and thus creating a feasible financing model in the mid east region. Moreover, such funding have also brought together new and established film makers with the main intentions of encouraging artistic innovations and also building stronger network in the region's film industry. The film funds in the Arab region have also provided publicity for the best selected projects and thus enabling filmmakers to connect with potential partners and also with the audience. This film support funds in the mid east have proved to be of great help especially for the youths.

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