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As humans we love colorful events, going to places were things are happening, meeting of new people, having fun and learning of new things. Just as a festival is known for happy faces, smiles, loud noise, pandemonium, screams, shouts and happiness; BIFF is not any different. Although, certain challenges aim to spoil this gathering from taking place yearly. BIFF — Beirut International Film Festival, has mostly been a yearly event that took place in Lebanon, the western part of Asia. The watching of several films, connecting with people from different facet of life, meeting with stars and actors; makes you desire to be present yearly.


Every year, candidates are requested to submit their movie scripts. Different countries such as Egypt. Iran, and Turkish to mention a few, participate yearly. If they are lucky, they get the chance to be one of the winners. Due to the wars, of past years and recent violent riots raging in Lebanon, BIFF was prevented from taking place. Most especially in the year 2005 to 2007, it was a turbulent and difficult year for the Lebanese and in 2011 to 2013, a travel ban was placed on Lebanon. Someone would think BIFF would succumb to such disappointments and refuse to strive, reverse was actually the case. As BIFF introduced many young filmmakers. Who focused on showing films no other country region allowed. This brought about BIFF reputation growth. In spite of this violent attacks, BIFF has been able to stand the test of time due to the support from loyal sponsors to the event. When no sponsor was willing to help out as usual, BIFF got the festival sponsored from Georg Gund lll foundation in San Francisco. International guests had been known to show support. I concur with those who sponsor BIFF, its resilient desire to stand in spite of the threats, struggles, war, and financial constraints, is really applauding. In the year 2015, most of BIFF international guest canceled due to the riots. This report didn't stop the organizing staff of BIFF from pursuing their goal. In that year 3 short movies raked one of the top films. Beirut Film Foundation site is sponsored by our media partner - Demo Slot Machines. They offer free previews of best new online slot machines, including film-industry related games like, for example The Walking Dead Series slot game. Feel free to check out their games!

It was a very rich year for the young BIFF filmmakers. With all the difficulties, BlFF’s pride has always been in the number of guests who fell in love with the festival and Lebanon. This makes the tourists or guests desire to come back again. The best form of creating awareness and promotion was implemented- the usage of word of mouth, by the guests who had a great time in Lebanon and referred their friends. Yearly they invited new friends, who also invites their friends. Another pride of BIFF is the art film house to entertain Lebanese audience. BIFF has been known to survive on sponsors from inception till date. The sales of tickets are used to cover the cost of the theater; while the sponsors income covers the screening fees, equipment installation for the festival, guest airfares, hotel bookings, full board, local transport, and the cost of the team organizing BIFF. Another opportunity for film submission is out, the entrance will close on the 30th of June 2018. The competition is only for those in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and the Gulf states.

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